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 Public security bureau / judicial expertie center laboratory planning  公安局/司法鑒定實驗室規劃

Poison detection is one of the specialties that have the highest technical requirements and most extensive involving fields in the field of judicial expertise. There are various poisons, drugs, medicines involved by poison detection. Only the commonly seen species can reach hundreds of varieties. Poison detection conducts qualitative and quantitative analysis of toxic substances and illicit drugs by physical or chemical analysis methods. 


Electronic evidence lab of Public Security Bureau / judicial expertise center. Electronic data recovery and analysis is a new category of the current science and technology promoted procuratorial work. It is not only a new identification type, but also an important method and key developing direction of procuratorial organ in the investigating process of self-investigating cases. Electronic evidence lab of Public Security Bureau / judicial expertise center is constructed according to the standard of national identification center. Its main functions involve cell phone forensics, data recovery, identification analysis, password cracking and network forensics, etc, with advanced, sophisticated characteristics.